Eman Mohammed


Eman Mohammed is an award-winning Palestinian-American photojournalist and Senior TED fellow. Eman's passion for photography is grounded in her Palestinian heritage. She began her photojournalism career at 19 in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. For the first decade of her work, she focused on documenting the life of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation and ongoing siege in the Gaza Strip. She found refuge in focusing on long-term photo essays that tackle human rights issues and challenge stereotypical narratives. Over the years, Eman has honed her craft by exploring various photography styles, from lifestyle photoshoots to capturing social events and delving into portraiture. Eman's recent work is centered on women in culturally sensitive communities and investigative stories about race relations in the United States from an outsider's perspective. Her photographs have been featured in renowned publications such as The Guardian, Le Monde, VICE, The Washington Post, Geo International, Mother Jones, NPR, CNN, Marie Claire, and The Atlantic. Moreover, her work has been recognized by various international organizations, and it has been acquired by the British Museum in London and The Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida.

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