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Freelance Radio and Print Journalist @emilytgreen

Emily Green is a Mexico City-based freelance journalist reporting on a diverse range of topics, from politics to immigration, sports and arts. Her stories regularly appear on National Public Radio, Public Radio International’s “The World,” and Univision. She once appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and her family hasn’t stopped boasting about it since. Prior to moving to Mexico in May 2017, Emily worked as the City Hall reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle, where she covered the mayor, Board of Supervisors and political maneuverings of the city’s top public officials. In 2006-2007, Emily reported on human rights abuses in the Philippines as a Fulbright scholar. She graduated from George Washington University.

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Emily Green es una periodista independiente basada en la Ciudad de México que informa sobre una amplia gama de temas, desde la política hasta la inmigración, los deportes y las artes. Sus historias aparecen regularmente en National Public Radio, Public Radio International, "The World" y Univision. Una vez apareció en Anderson Cooper 360 de CNN y su familia no ha dejado de hablar de eso desde entonces. Antes de mudarse a México en mayo de 2017, Emily trabajó como reportera del palacio municipal del San Francisco Chronicle, donde cubrió al alcalde, la Junta de Supervisores y las maniobras políticas de los principales funcionarios públicos de la ciudad. En 2006-2007, Emily informó sobre abusos contra los derechos humanos en Filipinas como becaria Fulbright. Se graduó de la Universidad de George Washington.



| Emily Green, Alicia Vera

In El Salvador, climate change means less coffee, and more migrants

https://www.iwmf.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2019_0424_04.mp3 The elderly woman walked through the field of baby coffee plants, watering them one by one. It was another bad year. She has worked here since she was a kid — she reckons she…

| Emily Green

Salvadorans Weigh In On How They View The U.S. Immigration Situation

The Trump administration policies on migrant families are big news in El Salvador. Editorials describe the policy as racist, and many here now say they wouldn’t try to get into the U.S. with children. AUDIE…

| Emily Green

No, Family Separation Did Not Deter Migrants from Coming to the U.S.

In this Monday, June 25, 2018 file photo, a mother migrating from Honduras holds her 1-year-old child as surrendering to U.S. Border Patrol agents after illegally crossing the border, near McAllen ( AP Photo/David J.…

| Emily Green, Alicia Vera

Despite Trump’s Asylum Crackdown, Migrants Fleeing Violence in El Salvador Still Plan for the U.S.

“IT’S PEACEFUL WHERE I live,” said 21-year-old Iris Tobar Rodríguez of her hometown Jutiapa, an isolated rural area in El Salvador, where her family resides on a dirt road inaccessible to cars. She paused. “Except two days…

| Emily Green, Alicia Vera

For Some Gang Members In El Salvador, The Evangelical Church Offers A Way Out

 Carlos Montano, an ex-gang member, faints during prayer at San Salvador’s Eben-ezer church.Alicia Vera In El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, people drive around with their car windows closed to avoid petty theft. But when…