Emma Black

Emma Black is a passionate and award-winning Sierra Leonean journalist with over seven years of experience in the media industry. As a radio producer, presenter, and newspaper reporter, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to investigative journalism and impactful storytelling. Beyond her professional roles, Emma is an active advocate for social justice and women's empowerment: Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSL), Championing improved conditions for women journalists and promoting gender equality within the media landscape. Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ): Upholding professional standards and safeguarding the rights of journalists in Sierra Leone. Emma's diverse portfolio of work tackles critical issues affecting Sierra Leone. Exposing systemic flaws and advocating for equitable access to quality education. Environment: Raising awareness about environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices. Women and Children Empowerment: Highlighting the needs of marginalized communities and advocating for policies that promote their advancement. Holding institutions accountable for upholding gender equality and advocating for systemic change. Empowering youth to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Crime Education: Raising awareness about crime prevention and advocating for rehabilitation programs. : Providing accurate and impartial coverage of the justice system. Exposing the human rights violations associated with artisanal mining practices. One Health and Environmental Reporting.Expanding her expertise to address the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. Emma's dedication to investigative journalism has been recognized through prestigious fellowships and awards: 2021 IWMF Fellow.Trained on COVID-19 vaccines and produced three impactful international stories. 2023 IWMF Fellow: Produced two insightful reports on cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine. 2022 Earth Journalism Network Fellow: Gained expertise in health and environmental reporting. 2019 Media and Information Bureau (MIB) Fellow: Researched and reported on artisanal mining and its impact on communities. 2010 Journalists for Human Rights Fellow: Exposed the issue of "ghost students" in the education system, winning an Independent Media Commission Award. Emma's commitment to continuous learning and professional development is unwavering.2012 Amnesty International Community Trainer and Youth Advocate: Educating communities and advocating for youth rights. 2013-2016 Police Partnerships Board Advisor: Guided community policing and human rights issues. 2014-2016 Human Rights Defenders Network Training: Strengthened her understanding of human rights advocacy. Ebola Human Rights Mentor: Offered support and guidance to individuals affected by the Ebola outbreak. 2021 SLAJ and Internews Training: Enhanced her skills in COVID-19 and crime reporting. Emma Black's dedication to ethical and impactful journalism extends beyond her reporting. Maintaining strong digital hygiene and account security. Continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow as a journalist. Emma is a true force for positive change in Sierra Leone. Her unwavering commitment to journalism, coupled with her passion for social justice, makes her an inspiration to fellow journalists and citizens alike. As she continues to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape, her dedication and talent will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on her community and beyond.

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