Emma Black

Emma Black is a dedicated, award-winning Sierra Leonean journalist. She has travelled the four Provinces and 14 Districts of “Mama Salone” in search of stories, people and issues. Emma has worked for over seven years in the media industry. “Like most female journalists,” says Emma, “I do the work for the satisfaction and not for the money.” Emma is an active member of Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSL) and she’s committed to improving conditions for women journalists and the industry. She has written about education issues, women and children, gender, health and human interest concerns. Emma is a “bulldog researcher” and enjoys talking to those whose stories are seldom told. Emma is dedicated to self-improvement and takes advantage of all educational opportunities including an eight-week session offered by JRH and the Human Rights Commission. She continues to improve her writing and reporting through scholarships and fellowship opportunities.

Reporting Locations