Eretha Rennie Crusor

Eretha Rennie Crusor grew up in diverse neighborhood in Liberia. She was deeply influenced by the experiences of her female friends and family members, who faced various societal struggles and limitations due to their gender. Witnessing these challenges ignited Eretha's passion for advocating for women's rights and amplifying their voices. Eretha's journey as an advocate began during her teenage years, where she discovered the power of advocating to create empathy and drive change. She channeled her creativity into working with other young women and telling short stories, addressing themes of gender inequality, discrimination, and the female experience in a patriarchal society in (Liberia) her Country. After graduating from high school, Eretha pursued a degree in Nursing at the Cuttington University. During her studies, she became involved in feminist organizations and used her skills uplifting the voices of marginalized communities and advocating for gender equality. She wrote articles, essays, and blog posts that explored gender disparities and encouraged dialogue around dismantling societal norms and systematic oppression. Upon completing her studies, Eretha embarked on a career as a Social Worker with a specialization in Women and Protection. She’s the Co-founder and Executive Director of Giving Value to Everyone (GIVE), a Liberian NGO working to ensure dignity for Women and other marginalized groups. Through her thought-provoking engagements, Eretha illustrated the struggles faced by women in Liberia, shedding light on topics such as reproductive rights, workplace discrimination, and violence against women in elections Eretha's NGO has gained recognition for its ability to provide deep insights into the lives of women from different backgrounds, giving voice to their stories that often go untold. Her articles were widely shared and sparked important conversations within the community. She also used her platform to uplift and amplify the voices of marginalized women, providing a platform for their stories to be heard Inspired by her impactful work, Eretha decided to expand her reach beyond advocacy. She is a Researcher that is delving into the less participation of women in politics and the violence they face in election. In addition to her initiatives, Eretha is an active advocate for women's rights, frequently participating in panel discussions, giving TED talks, mentoring young women, and engaging in grassroots initiatives. Her work aims to empower women and inspire positive change in society. Through her advocacy and engagement, Mrs. CRUSOR continues to break down barriers and make the world a better place for women everywhere.

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