Esther Ruth Mbabazi


Esther Ruth Mbabazi is a Ugandan photographer whose work focuses on the social, physical and emotional aspects of daily life, especially in rural areas and amongst minority groups. Between 2018-2020, Esther is a VII Photo Agency Mentee. In 2017, she was a Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice fellow. The year before Esther was selected for the 2016 World Press Photo Masterclass East Africa, and won the inaugural Young Photographer Award presented by the Uganda Press Photo Award. Her work has been published in international publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Africa Report, and she frequently collaborates with organizations such as Comic Relief, Farm Africa and Let There Be Light International, among others. Recognized for her nuanced approach to social issues, Esther’s work draws on her own experiences to reflect more varied and underrepresented stories from the African continent and beyond.

Reporting Locations