Hannah McNeish

Hannah McNeish is a multi-lingual and mutlimedia journalist, based in East Africa but travelling across the continent in search of stories. She is most passionate about rights and conflict, and these topics have been the crux of her reporting since she started working in radio, papers and magazines in Chile in 2009, and graduated to the U.K then Africa in 2010. She never left, much to the disappointment of some governments and large organisations, and still has many more corners to explore and try to shine a light on. She has written, filmed and photographed for the main wire agencies, British and American newspapers, magazines, a range of NGOs and the UN, and major broadcasters such as the BBC and Al Jazeera.

Reporting Locations


| Hannah McNeish

Rampant corruption in Tanzania keeps fruits of the many in hands of the few

In Dar es Salaam, framed posters of Tanzania’s president, Jakaya Kikwete, top the list of street-side bestsellers, outstripping images of Pope Francis, Jesus, Barack Obama and the country’s founding father, Julius Nyerere. It is no…

| Hannah McNeish

Brutal black magic in Tanzania’s election

Witchdoctor Manyauyau said many of his clients are politicians [Hannah McNeish/Al Jazeera] Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – “Doctor” Manyaunyau doesn’t know how he decides which cats’ heads he chews off, and which he chops off.…

| Hannah McNeish

Deadly cheap heroin taking its toll on people of Zanzibar

But as the strain of her husband being jailed for stealing a cow and leaving her penniless, with an 18-month-old baby and hostile in-laws, took its toll, on an island where a hit of heroin…

| Hannah McNeish

Tanzania’s ‘whites’ hunted as trophies

Dar es Salaam – Even thought she is far from the village where she was attacked in her own bed for the colour of her skin, Jane*, 22, doesn’t go out unless it’s in a…

| Hannah McNeish

Albinism marks you for hunting in Tanzania

In the run-up to parliamentary and presidential elections in October, many people with albinism – a congenital condition that turns one in 1400 Tanzanians “white” with light skin, hair and eyes – are hiding from…

| Hannah McNeish

Tanzania accused of making laws on the hoof in ‘Kafkaesque’ curb on free speech

There is a strange pattern to interviews in Tanzania. People on the verge of offering information stop mid-flow, pause, and then say something along the lines of: “I don’t have the data or information on…