Iliana Hagenah


Iliana Hagenah is a Somali-German journalist based in New York City. At CBS News, she works on the Foreign Desk as an Associate Producer and writer for Her reporting focuses on foreign policy and re-examining narratives on the black and Muslim female experience. She wrote features for about private HBCUs losing accreditation and the imprisonment of Sudanese women while leading protests against their dictator. During her time at BBC News, she ran around the US with her camera and notepad, producing segments on topics such as international students affected by the Trump visa ban, unemployed third-generation coal miners and modern-day Ottoman calligraphers. She worked as a reporter for Morocco World News while studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco and wrote for POLITICO on foreign policy while part of the Politico Journalism Institute program. Iliana majored in International Affairs at The George Washington University, minoring in Music. She speaks Arabic and a little French.