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Irene Caselli is a multimedia freelance journalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has worked for BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian and Monocle and is a contributing editor for Latin America for Index on Censorship magazine. She was a BBC correspondent in Venezuela and Ecuador and a producer in London. Her work focuses on violence and insecurity, equality, human rights, health, culture and travel. She holds a graduate degree in International Relations and German from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and a postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University, Montreal. A native of Naples, Italy, she is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and German, is proficient in French and has working knowledge of Portuguese.

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Irene Caselli es un periodista de multimedios freelance radicada en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ella trabaja para medios internacionales como BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian y Monocle. Ella es la editora adjunta para la revista Index on Censorship. Ella era la corresponsal de la BBC en Venezuela y Ecuador y productora en Londres. Su trabajo se enfoca en la violencia y inseguridad, temas de desarrollo global (como genero, igualdad, derechos humanos y salud), cultura y viaje. Irene tiene una maestría en Relaciones Internacionales y Alemán de la Universidad de Saint Andrews, Escocia, y un diplomado de posgrado en Periodismo de la Universidad de Concordia, en Montreal, Canadá. Originalmente de Nápoles, Italia, ella es fluente en Ingles, Español, Italiano y Alemán, y también es competente en Francés y tiene conocimiento practico de Portugués.



| Irene Caselli

What Life Looks Like For A Toddler Growing Up In A Mexican Women’s Prison

CHIHUAHUA CITY, Mexico ― Melissa is 18 months old, and she lives in the Aquiles Serdán female state prison in Chihuahua City, Mexico. The chubby toddler hides behind her mother’s legs when strangers address her,…

| Melissa Lyttle, Irene Caselli

Samalayuca dunes: From no-go area to hot destination

The Samalayuca sand dunes are considered one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. With their stunning views and endemic vegetation, they have plenty of potential to attract tourists, nature lovers and sand boarders. But their location, just…

| Melissa Lyttle, Irene Caselli

Babies behind bars: Children serve time with mothers in Mexico’s prisons

In the Mexican state of Chihuahua, mothers serving prison sentences are allowed to keep children under 4 with them. In most parts of Mexico, mothers behind bars can keep their children up to age 3…

| Melissa Lyttle, Irene Caselli

Drug dens v safe houses: the fight over Ciudad Juárez’s abandoned houses

At the age of 14, Alan has already been given the nickname El Botellas (Bottles) by his friends. The teenager dropped out of school and now drinks heavily, spending much of his time at a…

| Irene Caselli

The Mexican doctor rehydrating the dead

In the 1990s, Ciudad Juarez became infamous for the number of women killed there Warning: This article contains images that readers might find disturbing. Rosa María Apodaca has spent the past six years looking for…

| Irene Caselli

Médico mexicano reidrata corpos dos mortos na fronteira com os EUA

In the 1990s, Ciudad Juarez became infamous for the number of women killed there Aviso: Esta reportagem contém imagens fortes Rosa María Apodaca passou os últimos seis anos buscando sua filha mais velha. Patricia Jazmín…

| Irene Caselli

World in Progress: Mexican pastor saves orphans from gangs and drugs

World Ciudad Juarez, on the border between Mexico and the US, was once dubbed the world’s murder capital and it’s estimated that over 10,000 orphans were left behind because of these murders. Meet Pastor Martin…

| Irene Caselli

Miles de casas están abandonadas en Ciudad Juárez, pero sus vecinos quieren hacerlas revivir

Para los vecinos, las casas vacías son un problema serio. No sólo ensucian el vecindario, sino que atraen a delincuentes y ocupaciones ilegales.Miles de casas están abandonadas en Ciudad Juárez, pero sus vecinos quieren hacerlas…

| Irene Caselli

Los jóvenes que se suicidan en Ciudad Juárez, donde la vida vale muy poco

Luis tenía 16 años cuando tuvo su primer ataque de pánico. Fue durante la hora del recreo. Sentía la urgencia de salir corriendo y esconderse. Entonces, fue al baño de la escuela y comenzó a…

| Irene Caselli

Suicide in Ciudad Juarez: Where life has little value

Ciudad Juarez, the border city in northern Mexico which between 2008 and 2011 had the dubious reputation of being the murder capital of the world, has seen its homicide rate fall since 2012. But as…