Irene Noguchi

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Irene Noguchi produces the radio news call-in show “Forum” at KQED Public Radio, the NPR station in San Francisco. She pitches ideas, pre-interviews guests, and directs live shows on air, preparing the host to interview politicians, professors, authors and musicians from a range of fields. Her favorite interviews have been with coroners, neurologists, music critics, author David Mitchell, and boxer Mike Tyson. Her team recently completed a series on gentrification and rising housing costs in the Bay Area. Prior to life in the foggy city, she produced NPR shows in Seattle and Las Vegas. In Seattle, she chased orca whales and followed green technology. In Vegas, she covered the recession, veterans issues, homelessness, the brothel industry and gaming. Prior to that, she worked as a corporate lawyer. She has worked for NPR, the PBS NewsHour and the Washington Post. She holds a B.A. from Stanford and a J.D. from the University of Virginia.

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