Jasmin Bauomy

@jasminbauomy @jasminbauomy

Jasmin Bauomy is a senior podcast producer for Al Jazeera's new audio venture "Jetty". She's currently based in Doha, Qatar and reports on global issues through a personal narrative. She's especially invested in the human price of political decisions for example with stories on the war in Yemen and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Before joining Jetty in Doha, Jasmin was a host and producer of the Al Jazeera podcast The Debrief. An award-winning photographer, she also led AJE’s social video team. Jasmin is half-Egyptian and half-German and has lived in both countries as well as spent time in Southeast Asia. Her work has ranged across the media landscape from radio production in Germany to social media marketing, photography, documentary filmmaking, PR and editorial work for government bodies in the EU.