Jehad (Jeje) Mohamed

Jeje is an Egyptian freelance multimedia journalist, communications consultant, and human rights activist. Jeje currently lives in the US, focusing her work on human rights abuses and social issues in the US and the Middle East. She is currently a communications manager at an NGO working on fighting sex trafficking. Previously, Jeje was the founder and editor-in-chief of Witness Magazine, a human rights magazine in Egypt. She worked as an associate producer with Seen Filmsand other organizations to produce documentaries that focus on social issues and politics such as Egyptians in Exile. Jeje received her master's degree from the American University in International Media, focusing on human rights and democracy in areas of conflict. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the American University in Cairo in multimedia journalism and a minor in international relations. She received several international awards for her audio documentary The Egyptian Revolution in the Eyes of Women and was a Civil Society Leadership Award fellow with Open Society Foundation. “Safety and security training can be the thin line that separates death from a lucky strike of survival for so many journalists, especially women of color.”

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