jen byers

jen byers (she/they) is a conflict journalist and video producer. She shoots with a Sony a7iii and prefers to cover issues in the "forgotten parts" of the U.S. -- rural towns, the deep north, and western states. They specialize in working with activists and land defenders on long-term, embedded projects, focusing on land and soverignty battles, queer and trans movements, and frontline responses to police and state brutality. Their work has appeared in The Guardian, AJ+, Aljazeera Arabic, Splinter, LAist and others. She's currently the News Director of LA's KCHUNG Radio, while working on a documentary project in Philadelphia, PA. "I've seen frontlines unfold across the world, and I want to help people prepare for them. I think teaching other reporters how to be calm in the face of danger or conflict will lead to more incisive, comprehensive, and humanizing reporting -- something desperately needed in these times."

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