Jennifer Huxta


Originally from Pennsylvania, Jennifer Huxta was based in Nairobi, Kenya from 2011-2015, covering the recent crisis in Burundi, Pope Francis’s visit to Kenya and Kenyan elections for Agence France-Presse (AFP). She has completed humanitarian photography assignments for NGOs and foundations throughout East/West/Central Africa, focusing on women’s health, climate change, and youth unemployment. Her editorial work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Times, Le Journal du Dimanche, The Guardian, and the BBC. Last year, she was certified in combat medical first aid by RISC (Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues). At A River Blue in Northern Uganda, she created a photo mural with young adults displaced by the Lord's Resistance Army conflict. A recipient of the 2016 Davis Fellowship for Peace, she is currently studying Arabic at Middlebury Language Schools.



| Marta Martinez

Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other for Safety in Tanzania

Women of the Kuria tribe from the East African country are tying the knot, but it has nothing to do with romance. Every summer, newly married couples with an adventurous spirit head to places like…

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Why are female suicides most common in India?

As Indian women feature at the top of global female suicide rate, we met a group of survivors from Bangalore city who explained how suicidal thoughts crept into their minds. Women in India are at…

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The Indian women abandoned because of mental illness

Image copyright GETTY IMAGESImage caption Nearly 14% of Indians are mentally ill and at least 10% of those need immediate intervention. Mental illness is often neglected in India because of stigma and poor care. But women are…

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A Cloud of Depression Over the ‘Half Widows’ of Kashmir

Violent exchanges are common in the Kashmir region. (Kashmir Global / flickr) Truthdig is proud to present this article as part of its Global Voices: Truthdig Women Reporting, a series from a network of female correspondents…

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A former refugee leads families back to an Indonesian island so they can find graves

Carina Hoang sits on the boat on her eighth and likely final trip to Kuku Island. “It’s time for me to stop,” she says. Credit: Liz Mak/PRI Carina Hoang is getting ready for a trip. It’s…

| Liz Mak

Snap # 922 – Return To Kuku Island ( Snap Judgment ) In the 1970s, thousands of Vietnamese refugees were left on the remote Anambas Islands in Indonesia. They were stranded without food, water, and shelter, forced to survive off the land. Now, almost…

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The Hidden Graves of Kuku Island

Play Dispatches Jul 24, 2018 The Hidden Graves of Kuku Island Carina Hoang grew up in a wealthy family in Vietnam. She had a nanny to take care of her and a maid who cleaned up…

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Trial by Fire

How Nina Droz Franco became a face of Puerto Rican resistance Update: On June 12, 2018, a month after this article was filed, Nina Droz Franco stood before judge Aida Delgado Colón to receive her sentence. In…

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Ireland’s abortion decision: a photo essay

On Friday Ireland will vote in a referendum that could in effect end the ban on abortion. Voters will be asked if they want to repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution, which recognises the…

| Jennifer Huxta

Forests fall, animals die, desert looms: Uganda’s burning problem — in pictures

Global development is supported by About this content Charcoal is an integral part of everyday life in Uganda, where most people rely on some form of wood fuel to cook or boil water. For many,…

| Jennifer Huxta

Two Sisters’ Journey Embodies Plight of Young Refugees Fleeing Alone

When Sarah and Jane fled South Sudan, they joined the thousands of unaccompanied minors living in Uganda’s refugee camps. Organizations help kids like them feel safe by providing money, therapy and even foster families, but…