Jika Gonzalez

Freelance Video and Photojournalist @jikaglez

Jika González is a freelance multimedia journalist, photographer and video producer from Mexico City. Her reporting projects focus on migration, identity and human rights. Her work has taken her to Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia, and most recently to Colombia. Jika is currently based in New York where she is a grantee at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation. She received a Master's degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in 2013, and spent two years there as a teaching fellow working alongside students and faculty. Her work has appeared in TIME, National Geographic, The New York Times, Telemundo and Narratively, among others.

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Jika González es una periodista freelance de video y fotografía de la Cuidad de México. Sus proyectos se enfocan en migración, identidad y derechos humanos. Su trabajo la ha llevado para México, Guatemala, Camboya y mas recientemente para Colombia. Jika está basada en Nueva York donde recibió una subvención del Brown Institute for Media Innovation. Ella obtuvo su maestría de Columbia Graduate School of Journalism en el 2013, y pasó dos años trabajando como profesora asociada trabajando al lado de otros alumnos y profesores. Su trabajo se ha publicado en TIME, National Geographic, The New York Times, Telemundo y Narratively, entre otros.

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| Belle Cushing, Jika Gonzalez

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| Jika Gonzalez, Whitney Eulich

Madres deportadas luchan desde Tijuana por el voto a Bernie Sanders

Madres deportadas luchan desde Tijuana por el voto a Bernie Sanders TIJUANA, México.- En una calle poco transitada se encuentra una oficina pequeña repleta de banderas estadounidenses y afiches con frases en inglés como #…

| Jika Gonzalez, Whitney Eulich

On Mexico-US border, living in the shadow of ‘The Wall’

Editor’s note: The Monitor published this story in May 2016, when Donald Trump was the presumed candidate for the Republican Party. Today, President Trump signed an executive order authorizing construction of a wall along the…