Jimena Ledgard


Jimena Ledgard is a freelance journalist based in Lima, Peru. She focuses on social unrest and inequality, and currently hosts “Estacion Ciudad”, a documentary podcast on power and urban politics, where shas reported on the recent social upheaval in Santiago de Chile; daily life in the crime-ridden housing projects of Caracas Venezuela; land mafias in Lima, Peru; amongst other themes. She recently hosted a documentary episode for Vice on the the trade and consumption of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon, was local producer of the Deutsche Welle’s special coverage of the parliamentary coup in Peru and the ensuing protests, and has published articles on human rights violations in the country’s anti-terrorist strategy. She is a Chevening Alumni and a current recipient, alongside Lali Houghton, of the Fundación Gabo’s Grant for New Narratives on Drugs in Latin America, to develop a podcast on the stories of those involved on the cocaine trade in Peru.

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