Julia Gunther

Julia Gunther is a Berlin born photographer who lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her work focuses primarily on social justice, especially the role of women in sub- Saharan African society. For the past eight years, Julia has been working on the longterm documentary project “Proud Women of Africa”: an ongoing narrative which documents female activists and their personal or public struggles to affect social change within the communities in which they live. It is important for the viewer to understand both the situation in which these women live every day, as well as the context in which they would like to be seen. That is why, for Proud Women of Africa, Julia uses narrative portraiture so that her subjects are not faceless victims deserving of our pity, but human beings. Her work has been exhibited in New York, London, Cape Town, South Korea, Sydney, and Amsterdam, and has been featured in international publications such as, amongst others The New York Times Magazine, TIME magazine, Marie Claire, Dazed, WIRED and National Geographic.