Kait Bolongaro


Kait Bolongaro is a freelance journalist with outlets such as Al-Jazeera English, BBC and Deutsche Welle. She is currently based between Canada and France. She is bilingual in English and French. Her areas of focus are society, politics and environment themes in Africa, Europe, and Canada. She was previously a multimedia journalist at Deutsche Welle for a year, as well as the English and Politics editor at cafébabel, a magazine for young Europeans for 9 months. Kait was was a journalist at Schema Magazine in Vancouver, Canada for three years. She has a Masters in Journalism with a focus on political communication. Kait’s Bachelor's degree is in African Studies and French. She also has a certificate in Advanced Photojournalism.

Reporting Locations


| Kait Bolongaro

A Step Forward Inside The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Burgeoning Dance Culture

Two rows of dancers arch their backs into position, arms outstretched. A steady drum beat sets the pace as a singer wails about the legacy of colonization that caused many of Africa’s woes in Swahili.…

| Kait Bolongaro

Women Stand Up to the Perils of Covering Politics in DRC

As the government of the DRC continues its crackdown on the media, political reporting in the country carries significant risks. For the country’s female political journalists, widespread misogyny compounds their struggle to do their jobs.…

| Francesca Volpi, Kait Bolongaro

Tattoos in Kinshasa: Overcoming Conflict and Taboos

Tattoos are generally considered taboo in Congolese society, but the designs share the bearers’ experiences [Francesca Volpi/Al Jazeera] Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – Tucked off a side road in Lubugi, a rough neighbourhood in…

| Kait Bolongaro

DR Congo: performing for change

Driving along an ordinary dirt road, it’s hard to miss the Goma Cultural Centre with its bright blue gate, emblazoned with the Congolese flag. “As you can see, we are proud to be Congolese around…

| Kait Bolongaro

Congo’s Female Tech Activists Risk Violence, Jail, and Rape to Speak Out

For Christiane Binja, technology is an important tool for female empowerment. Image: Kait Bolongaro In the dusty yard of a youth centre, Christiane Binja posed for a portrait in front of a colourful mural. “Take…

| Kait Bolongaro

Living with Down’s syndrome in Kinshasa, DRC

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – In a suburb of Kinshasa, a tightknit community gathers for lunch in a backyard. It is one of the few spaces in the city where its members go unnoticed…