Khojasta Sameyee

Khojasta Sameyee is the head of a women-led newspaper named “War and Peace Daily Newspaper”. She is the author of The Mountains Have Witnessed a fiction book, published in August 2021. Her works are mostly focused on women’s rights in Afghanistan and their social lives. Khojasta Sameyee was a student of MBA’s last semester in Kabul. But due to the recent situation in Afghanistan and the collapse of the government in August 2021, she couldn’t complete her degree. She has experience working with the Radio Azad, Government Media and Information Center, and Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Khojasta Sameyee contributed to DROPS, Global Voices, and NABU as a researcher, author, and volunteer translator. She won an UNDP/N-Peace Award in 2018 for her works in journalism, social activism, and promoting peace.

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