Kimberly Adams

Broadcast Journalist @KA_Marketplace

Kimberly Adams covers politics and general news for Marketplace from the Washington, D.C. Bureau. Before moving to D.C., Kimberly reported on the political, social and economic upheaval in Egypt following the Arab Spring as a freelance journalist based in Cairo. Her work aired on multiple networks in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong and elsewhere. While reporting in Cairo, she received awards from the National Association of Black Journalists, the Religion Communicators Council, and the Association for Women in Communication. She previously participated in IWMF’s “Great Lakes” Reporting fellowship to Uganda. Prior to freelancing, Kimberly worked as a producer for NPR from the D.C. headquarters, covering politics, arts, culture, and breaking news as a producer for “Weekend Edition” and the Washington Political Unit. In 2011, Kimberly was competitively selected for NPR's reporter training program, during which she reported for WBUR in Boston. As a member of the IWMF's advisory committee on inclusive safety, Kimberly had this to say, “We are in the midst of many difficult conversations about how inequality and discrimination pervade and shape the news industry, and part of any eventual solution must include examining and rectifying fundamental issues around who tells stories of conflict, how those narratives are shaped (and by whom), and how newsrooms adapt to these changes. I’m excited to work with IWMF and ROAAAR to examine these issues and work towards sustainable ways to address them.”

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Kimberly Adams cubre noticias generales y políticas desde Washington, D.C. para Marketplace. Antes de mudarse para Washington D.C., Kimberly reportaba desde Cairo sobre la inestabilidad política, social y económica en Egipto después de la Primavera Árabe. Su trabajo se ha publicado en varios medios de los Estados Unidos, Canadá, U.K., Irlanda, Alemania, Hong Kong, entre otros. Durante su tiempo en Cairo, Kimberly recibió varios premios de la Asociación Nacional para Periodistas de Color de los Estados Unidos, el Consejo de Comunicadores Religiosos y la Asociación de Mujeres en Comunicaciones. Previamente también participó en la beca periodística en los Grandes Lagos de la IWMF, reportando desde Uganda. Antes de trabajar como freelancer en Egipto, Kimberly trabajó como productora de NPR en Washington D.C., cubriendo historias de política, arte, cultura, la edición de fin de semana y la unidad política de Washington. En el 2011, Kimberly también fue seleccionada para el programa de entrenamiento periodístico de NPR donde reporto para WBUR en Boston.

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