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Kristen Chick is a freelance journalist. She works in Europe and the Middle East, and her work often focuses on migration and human rights. Kristen was based in Cairo during the Arab uprisings, and covered the tumultuous period throughout the region, from Tunisia to Syria, for four years. She also reported extensively on the surge in refugee arrivals in Europe in 2015 and 2016.

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A Radical German Program Promised a Fresh Start to Yazidi Survivors of ISIS Captivity. But Some Women Are Still Longing for Help

When Hanan escaped from Islamic State captivity, there wasn’t much to come back to. She and her five children had survived a year in a living nightmare. After her husband finally managed to arrange their…

| Holly Pickett, Kristen Chick

Global Development: Africa is increasingly open to women in politics. In Congo, they have a fight on their hands

Congolese Member of Parliament Eve Bazaiba, center, arrives at an opening event for the “Week of Maternal Health” campaign at a maternity hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo on Aug. 23.(Holly Pickett / For…

| Holly Pickett, Kristen Chick

Congo Wanted an Election. This Isn’t What It Meant.

Michée Yolona Selenga of the Independent National Electoral Commission tests an electronic voting machine during a voter information session in Mbenzale near Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, on Aug. 21. (Holly Pickett for Foreign…

| Holly Pickett, Kristen Chick

These young people are fighting for the Democratic Republic of Congo to live up to its name

Alain Mulumba Kabeya, 28, interim coordinator for the Kinshasa cell of Filimbi, a pro-democracy group, leads a secret meeting of the group in Kinshasa, Congo, on Aug. 14, 2018. Filimbi members had just spent the…

| Kristen Chick

To fight domestic violence among Syrian refugees, an outreach to men

Domestic violence is reported to have risen sharply among Syrians forced to flee their homeland. While many aid programs target women, some groups in Lebanon are putting new focus on men, hoping to address the problem…

| Kristen Chick

For some Syrian women, refugee life proves unexpectedly liberating

Samar Hijazi, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, greets her grandson Hamza as she returns to the Bekaa Valley camp where she lives after a judge granted her a divorce on Oct. 22. (Kristen Chick/For The…

| Kristen Chick

The $20 Million Case for Morocco

The kingdom is using an army of flacks to keep the illusion of peace and stability. LAAYOUNE, Morocco — The peculiar form of Western Saharan hospitality, at least as practiced by the Moroccan government, is…

| Kristen Chick

In remote Western Sahara, prized phosphate drives controversial investments

Morocco’s mining of the lucrative fertilizer ingredient in occupied Western Sahara has sparked charges it is violating international law – and that global customers are looking the other way. LAAYOUNE AND BOUCRAA, WESTERN SAHARA — At the…