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Laura Dixon is a British freelance journalist based in Bogotá. Her stories have been published by The Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic and US News, among others. Her most recent work has examined the end of Colombia’s 52-year conflict with the former FARC guerrilla group and migration in Latin America. She has received previous awards and fellowships from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and theFinancial Times. For this project she will explore what is happening to Venezuelan women and children as they flee the political and economic crisis in their home country.

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| Laura Dixon

The Weight of Two Worlds

A social worker confronts Colombia’s border crisis, one child migrant at a time. MAICAO, COLOMBIA — To find someone in Villa Mery, you have to ask around. There are no street names, only bumpy roads…

| Laura Dixon, Erika Piñeros

Meet the Woman Who Buries Forgotten Migrants from Venezuela

As the economic and political crisis worsens in Venezuela, Sonia Bermúdez buries more and more forgotten migrants and refugees at her People like Us cemetery in Colombia. Words by Laura Dixon Photos by Erika Piñeros…

| Laura Dixon

More Older Migrants Crossing into Colombia As Venezuelan Crisis Deepens

‘Most of these people go to sell sweets on the streets. Or they have to beg to be able to eat’ More older migrants crossing into Colombia as Venezuelan crisis deepens ‘Most of these people…

| Laura Dixon, Erika Piñeros

Heading Far Afield to Enter Motherhood

Ony Arrieta, a Venezuelan migrant, walks with her oldest son in the makeshift community she now calls home in Riohacha, Colombia. (ERIKA PIÑEROS) In the latest expression of the growing crisis at home, pregnant Venezuelan…

| Laura Dixon

Escape from Venezuela: Inside the wave of 4.3m refugees

As the nation descends into chaos, the most vulnerable are being forced to flee, creating a migration crisis across the border in Colombia, Laura Dixon writes First to flee were the well-educated and wealthy, the…

| Laura Dixon

Colombia’s indigenous Wayuu suffer the effects of climate change, drought and rising food prices

In 2015, 37 Wayuu children under five died from causes related to malnutrition, this year the figure is already 41 (Picture: Laura Dixon) La Guajira, a dusty but spartanly beautiful region in Colombia’s desert north…

| Laura Dixon

Colombians are hoping for a tourist boom

Colombia has had an image problem until now. Despite having miles of unspoilt beaches, beautiful desert stretches and the Amazon, tourists have avoided it, wary of being caught up in the world’s longest civil war.…

| Laura Dixon

Venezuelans join exodus to find food

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans are pouring over Colombia’s border every day in search of food and fuel. Olga, a 32-year old nurse, stands with her possessions piled up in boxes and suitcases by her…