Laurence Geai

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Laurence Geai is a French freelance photojournalist currently working in Paris. Geai began her work in photojournalism in 2014, following a degree in international trade and professional experience in the fashion industry. Her career change led her to television broadcast reporting and then photography. Geai became deeply interested in the roots of war and traveled to the Central African Republic (CAR) early in her career, followed by Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine. She’s also covered the consequences of the refugee crisis in Europe and France. In her work, Geai tries to meet the protagonists of each conflict, whenever possible. In 2022, she joined the agency MYOP and collaborates with several publications, including Le Monde, Paris Match, Polka, Elle, La Vie, Marianne, Télérama, Le Nouvel Obs, Le Pelerin, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, M le Magazine and others. Geai also photographs extensively for nonprofit organizations. In 2021, Geai won a World Press Photo award (third prize in the General Information category) for her series on the COVID-19 pandemic in France. Her other accolades include the 2020 Grand Prix Les Femmes S’exposent, a Reuters Grant, Wars first prize, third prize in the Sciences PO Political Photograph Contest, first prize in the Single Shot Award of the Festival Della Fotografia Etica and Polka Photographer of the Year. Geai remarked, “When you see people suffering, it’s hard to take their picture – you must learn to work amidst conflict with care. It’s true that often you see the worst of humanity, but you also see the best, and that’s what I hope to convey: what it looks like – and feels like – to get to the heart of a situation and tell someone’s story to the world.” Geai continued, “I am humbled to receive this award, especially in the year I first became a mother! My work can feel small compared to Anja’s talent, but this award encourages me to carry the torch in her legacy.”

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