Lena Jackson

Lena Jackson is a freelance American filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. Jackson received IWMF funding to support her in-depth documentary work on the educational experiences of recently arrived immigrant teens in the United States.



| Lena Jackson

When it comes to educating immigrant teens, experts say there are no easy solutions

For public schools in the United States, educating immigrant children can prove a challenge – particularly at the high school level. Some teens arrive with a strong academic background and enough credits to put them…

| Lena Jackson

Educar a estudiantes inmigrantes es un reto, según expertos

Para las escuelas públicas en Estados Unidos, educar a niños y jóvenes inmigrantes puede ser un desafío, especialmente en las secundarias. Algunos adolescentes llegan con una sólida formación académica y créditos suficientes para encaminarlos a…

| Lena Jackson

Civil rights group demands Miami-Dade allow immigrant teens to enroll in high school

A national civil rights advocacy group sent a demand letter to the Miami-Dade school district on Thursday urging administrators to address “the systemic denial of enrollment” to thousands of immigrant teens with limited English skills.…

| Lena Jackson

These immigrants came for a better education. Now, they’ll never graduate high school

They come fleeing gang violence and repressive regimes. They come after hurricanes and earthquakes. They come in search of work and an education. But in Miami-Dade County, a place built by the aspirations of newcomers,…

| Lena Jackson

Soñaban con una mejor educación pero no los dejaron ingresar a la secundaria en Miami-Dade

Vienen huyendo de la violencia de las pandillas y de regímenes represivos. Vienen huyendo de la destrucción de los huracanes y terremotos en sus países. Vienen en búsqueda de trabajo y educación. Pero en Miami-Dade,…