Lorena Ríos

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Lorena Ríos is a multimedia journalist currently based in Mexico City. She covers stories on social justice, women's rights, culture, politics, and migration in countries across the world.

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| Lorena Ríos

For This Group of Feminists in El Salvador, Change Begins From the Ground Up

La Colectiva serves to protect girls and women from gender-based violence Women at a feminist school organized by La Colectiva in San Salvador. Photos: Courtesy of the author. “In this house, we want a life…

| Hiba Dlewati, Lorena Ríos

Así es el feminismo en el país más violento de la región

En este colectivo las mujeres se acompañan y trabajan juntas para combatir los abusos machistas que sufrieron durante años. Pero más allá de las experiencias personales esta comunidad lucha por sus derechos en un proyecto…

| Lorena Ríos

Can sex education make a difference amid El Salvador’s violence, conservatism?

A sex-ed program focusing on respect and gender equity, some hope, could help reduce teen pregnancy, improve girls’ lives and curb gender violence. This centro escolar or school is located along the dividing line that…

| Lorena Ríos

South Sudanese Women Carry Bulk of the Burden in Uganda Refugee Camps

With their husbands fighting in the civil war or struggling to find work, the South Sudanese women staying in Uganda’s refugee camps often find themselves responsible for supporting their families on their own. A woman…

| Lorena Ríos

South Sudan’s protracted refugees in Uganda

Uganda is home to about 400,000 South Sudanese refugees, making it the largest host country in East Africa. Some refugees who have lived in Uganda for up to a decade do not intend to return…