Lydia Hansen

Lydia Hansen is a writer and blogger studying journalism and creative writing at Hamline University in Saint Paul, MN. Lydia has been working in college and professional journalism for six years. She got her start as a daily youth columnist in her local newspaper at sixteen. Since then, her byline has appeared in a half dozen Minnesota publications including the Post Bulletin, Rochester Magazine, and Mayo Clinic’s blog Advancing the Science. Lydia has also been editor-in-chief of two award-winning college newspapers: the Echo (Rochester Community and Technical College) and the Oracle (Hamline University). She’s received awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association for stories in sports, business, and opinion. Lydia intends to work as a professional journalist after completing her undergrad degree in 2020. Although she’s not picky about where she ends up, she hopes it will start somewhere in Minnesota. She is fascinated by people and understanding how politics, business, and social movements connect, and her favorite stories she’s written feature some or all of these things. Additionally, Lydia believes in the importance of local news. She is passionate about seeing community-based journalism make the transition from print to digital without being swallowed by corporations and outside influencers.

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