Mahamba Wa Biondi Fiston


Mahamba Wa Biondi Fiston is graduated in environmental sciences and sustainable development at the Higher Institute of Rural Development. Journalist based in the eastern part of the DRCongo since 2012, he forged himself in the exercise of this profession after several journalism training courses at the Deutsche Welle Akademie, the media development center of German public broadcasting. In 2018, he enrolled at the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille to complete a degree in multimedia journalism. Former communications officer at the United Nations, he got a Master's degree in Information at Nazi Boni University (Burkina Faso)/Lumière Lyon University (France). His book "Ebola: Fixers, these non-immune shields" is in the process of being published. Journalist and researcher specializing in the eastern region of the DRCongo, his studies focus on natural resources, health, conflicts... which he covers in writing and images.

Reporting Locations