Manas James Okony

Manas James Okony is a South Sudanese freelance journalist currently based in the country’s northeastern greater Jonglei region. He covers violent conflict ranging from cattle raids and child abductions among the communities in the region since 2015. The journalist has been advocating for the rights of the vulnerable communities and created platform for the locals in the region to raise their voices on causes/possible solutions for inter-communal feuds. In 2017, as a result of their reports on the escalation of inter-communal conflicts, there was an intervention from the South Sudan government and the United Nations mission in the country. Tension among the rival communities—the Dinka Bor and Murle tribes was de-escalated He also writes feature articles on community, culture, business, etc. Meanwhile, Manas worked for Radio Jonglei, a church-based radio station in Jonglei area. As a radio presenter, he runs programs on current affairs, youth and health. He has also interviewed several top UN and government officials. Manas has also served as a reporter and the information secretary for the civil society Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, a USAID supported civil society group. The civil society group focuses on conflict mitigation, peace building, dissemination of the deal aimed at ending the five years civil war in the country. Mr. Manas is an IWMF fellow and he is currently a student of public health at the University of Upper Nile in South Sudan.

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