Marina Lopes

Marina Lopes is a Brazilian-American journalist and the Washington Post Brazil Correspondent. In her six years as a journalist, Marina has covered immigration, health, politics and the economy in three continents and five cities. She received a grant from the IWMF to report on sex trafficking in northern Brazil. As the Washington Post Brazil Correspondent, she has written investigative pieces, including a report on government misuse of Zika funds to front-page stories on police brutality and race relations in Latin America's largest country. Before working in Brazil, Marina was a correspondent for Reuters, where she covered breaking news and the telecommunications industry from New York to Washington, D.C. She began her career as Reuters' correspondent in Mozambique when a resurgence in political violence rocked the sleepy Southern African country. As rebels threatened to relaunch a brutal civil war, Marina covered the implications of terror attacks on Mozambique's burgeoning gas and coal industries. Marina holds a Masters degree in journalism from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in international relations from Boston College. She lives in Sao Paulo with her husband, Ruddy, and son, Oliver.