Marta Martinez

mart3es @mart3es

Marta Martinez is a senior producer at the radio show and podcast Latino USA. Her work has appeared on The Washington Post, NPR, CNN, VICE and Foreign Policy, among other media. She specializes in long-form journalism, covering gender, inequality, migration and human rights. She has reported on women migrants and reproductive rights in Colombia and Mexico, why straight women are marrying each other in Tanzania and how the pandemic affected Latina domestic workers in the US. "She Migrates," an audio documentary she co-produced for Latino USA, was awarded with a One World Media award in 2022. Her investigation on the systemic problems of the US healthcare system for Revista 5W was nominated for a Gabriel Garcia Márquez award in 2020. She is an International Women’s Media Foundation, National Geographic and European Journalism Centre grantee. She worked as a fact-checker for The New York Times and as a researcher for The New Yorker. She’s originally from Spain, but has been living in New York for over a decade. She holds a master’s in journalism from New York University.

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