Marta Martinez


Marta Martinez is a freelance multimedia journalist living in New York, but originally from Spain. She has worked for media such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, El Pais, and Diari ARA. She has also produced multimedia content on gender and social justice issues for non-profit organizations like the United Nations, the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the Drug Policy Alliance. Together with Mediastorm, she co-produced and filmed the short documentary "I Am Not Who They Think I Am," on the reintegration challenges of former girl child soldiers in Uganda. She has also captured stories from Colombia's conflict and peace negotiations, the reintegration of child soldiers in Uganda, the genocide trial in Guatemala, or reconciliation in post-conflict Sierra Leone and Peru, among others.

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| Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza, Marta Martinez

She Migrates

In a new migration reality, women and children are requesting asylum in Mexico at higher rates than men. But even as more women are crossing borders in long and dangerous journeys, many hoping to ultimately…

| Marta Martinez

In Colombia, a community displaced by war welcomes Venezuelans with open arms

‘This way, they start building their own networks, their own paths to stabilise themselves in the country.’ A street in Las Delicias at dawn. (Marta Martinez/TNH) CÚCUTA, Colombia – Perched on top of the highest…

| Marta Martinez

How Colombia is protecting 27,000 Venezuelan babies from statelessness

‘The legal regulation of territories should not make us alien, merciless, indifferent to the suffering of others.’ People lining up at the door of Prados del Este registration office in Cúcuta. Up to 5,000 Venezuelan…

| Marta Martinez

Inside the Colombian ‘war hospital’ treating Venezuela’s pregnancy crisis

‘This hospital is a release valve for this social bomb in this district, and in the country as a whole.’ Sujey Ortega, 32, has nine children. Her youngest – the one she is breastfeeding –…

| Marta Martinez

“No quiero traer niños al mundo a pasar trabajo”: venezolanas que emigran en busca de abortos y anticonceptivos

Las escasez de anticonceptivos en Venezuela supera el 80% y al mismo tiempo, las condiciones para sobrellevar un embarazo y dar a luz con seguridad son muy precarias. Por eso, miles de mujeres venezolanas cruzan…

Meet the fellow: Mariana Vincenti

Mariana Vincenti ha llegado a México con la maleta más pequeña del grupo y en ella no están sus gafas. No sabe dónde las dejó exactamente, pero está segura de que se esconden en algún…

Go back. Go back. Go back.

At first I thought it’d be easy. I had no problem getting access to the biggest public hospital in the Colombia-Venezuela border. Doctors were friendly and talkative, press staff took the time to walk me…


Here’s a secret about me – but don’t tell anyone: I’m super afraid of blood. And needles. Getting a blood test is torture for me. Really, I need someone holding my hand. My whole body…

| Marta Martinez

Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other for Safety in Tanzania

Women of the Kuria tribe from the East African country are tying the knot, but it has nothing to do with romance. Every summer, newly married couples with an adventurous spirit head to places like…