Maura Ajak

Maura Ajak is an investigative reporter in South Sudan, a fellow at the Catholic Radio Network and also a 360-degree camerawoman. Maura has been awarded as a human rights defender for holding the government accountable for committing sexual assault in 2017. She works on human rights stories such as sexual assault related stories, people with disabilities in South Sudan, and juvenile cases. Maura visited and interviewed South Sudanese refugees currently taking refuge in Uganda to understand their challenges and how they live in Uganda. She works on investigative stories nationally and also freelancing for Aljazeera on sensitive stories about human rights. She worked with international journalists that freelancing for international outlets such as Aljazeera contrast virtual reality, contributed with Nick Turse in Harper's Magazine, and worked with Chris Herlinger for Global Sister's Report reporting about IDPs. She is studying a diploma in communication at the University of juba and a fellow of IWMF2017/ 2018

Reporting Locations