Megan Specia


Megan Specia is a video journalist with The New York Times, based in New York City. She specializes in international multimedia storytelling, with a focus on human rights and conflict. She produces originally shot and user-generated short form videos and projects for the web. Prior to working for The New York Times, Specia worked for Mashable as Assistant Real-Time Editor. While there she covered major stories in the field including the Baltimore riots, Ferguson protests, aftermath of the Paris attacks, the Brussels attacks and the refugee crisis. She traveled to Jordan to report from the largest Syrian refugee camp in the region and Greece to report on refugees living in squalid conditions there. Specia reported on the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and travelled across the nation, utilizing live streaming, Snapchat, and other emerging platforms. Before moving to New York in 2013, Specia lived in Ireland for four years, where she worked for Dublin-based news organization Storyful. While there, she worked in the newsrooms of Yahoo, ABC and VICE. Specia was University of New Hampshire's 2015 Donald Murray Visiting Journalist. She received her BA from the University of Hampshire, with a dual honors degree in journalism and communications.

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