Melodie Cerin

Melodie Cerin is a Haiti-based freelance journalist and editor with 2 years of experience. She started writing for Woy Magazine in late 2020 and joined the editorial team as Co-editor in March 2021. As Co-editor of Woy Magazine she writes and edits articles, curates stories and offers analysis and commentary for the online media’s biweekly newsletter. Cerin uses her background in governance and experience as an international development practitioner in Haiti and Senegal to analyze issues like migration, gender and reproductive rights, public policy, Haitian history and culture. Cerin is also is a seasoned project designer and proposal writer and enjoys helping artists and associations secure funding for their initiatives. Melodie holds a Master’s degree in Governance, Public Policy and Development (with a focus on social protection and accountability) from the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex in the UK.

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