Mercedes Bluske Moscoso


Mercedes Bluske Moscoso is a Bolivian journalist trained at the University College of Journalism in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. She later specialized in Communication Management and New Technologies at the COSO Foundation in Valencia, Spain. She has a diploma in Investigative Journalism from the Foundation for Journalism of Bolivia. She has taken training courses in migration journalism, environmental journalism and human rights. She is co-founder and executive director of Verdad con Tinta magazine, winner of the national awards Cristian Osvaldo Mariscal, Eduardo Abaroa and an honorable mention in the Sin Censura Previa contest. Her journalistic work focuses on investigative journalism. She has been recognized as a Distinguished Citizen of Tarija, for her contribution to the southern region of the country through her writings. She has worked with international organizations such as Internews, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, CAPIR and Connectas. She is a member of CONNECTAS HUB, the largest collaborative journalism platform in the Americas.

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