Moa Karlberg


Moa Karlberg is a freelance photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. After finishing her photojournalism studies at Nordens fotoskola, and some short stints at Sweden's two biggest daily papers, she started freelancing in 2007. Among her clients are leading Scandinavian and German magazines as well as local organisations. Besides short assignments, she engages in personal projects. These are often linked to women's issues such as teenage pregnancies in the US, human trafficking in Sweden, polygamy in Senegal and plastic surgery tourism in Colombia. Documentary projects that inspire her the most are often conceptual and can be seen both as art and journalism. She admires photography that finds new visual ways to trigger strong reactions on important issues. Moa has received numerous nominations and awards. Most recently, she has for the third time received a 1st prize in the Swedish picture of the year award. Her projects “Trafficking” and “Watching you watch me” have been widely spread and the latter has been published as a book. From 2012-15 she has been part of the editorial team managing the documentary magazine Re:public. She is a member of the Kontinent photojournalist agency. In her spare time, she enjoys being in the great outdoors and jazzing on the double bass.

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