Monica Mayuni


Monica Mulenga Mayuni is a seasoned journalist with over 17 years’ experience in the media industry and possesses a unique blend of skills that can only be developed through a strong working ethic, determination and passion towards mass media communication. Monica is a holder of a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of International Relations & Development, Diploma in Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising, Management, Media Management amongst her many other credible qualifications and some of the best in-house training workshops that money can buy. She has also been privileged to learn internationally and earned a Diploma in development journalism in India and acquiring certificates of competence in Media Management from premium universities among many others, Witwatesrand in South Africa. Ms Mayuni, an employee of Zambia Daily Mail, is also a 2020 Women in News (WIN) fellow, International Journalists Programme (IJP) fellow. In summation Monica’s academic qualifications are a certification of what she brings to the table as far as media management, marketing, international relations are involved. Monica has served diligently in the media industry and worked her way up through merit. She is well vested with the operations of Newspaper companies and understands the regulations and laws that govern the aforementioned industry. She is well acquainted with what sells media and keeps a growing and engaged audience. Monica has a vision and has no problem working with individuals and Organisations that seek to benefit from the list of accomplishments and much more. Her aspirations are to become a distinguished health reporter, Diplomat, and media consultant.

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