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Nadia Shira Cohen is a freelance photojournalist contributing to the New York Times, National Geographic, Harpers and many international publications. She works frequently in Latin America as well as countries such as Haiti, Kazakhstan, Congo, Rwanda, and Kosovo, focusing on human rights, reproductive rights, environmental issues, disaster, revolution, and migration. Nadia was born in Boston in 1977. At 15 she received her first camera, in the same moment she was diagnosed with cancer. She began to make self-portraits to document the physical and emotional evolution of being sick as well as to photograph her fellow oncology patients at Mass General Hospital in Boston. A University of Vermont graduate, she began her career in New York City as a stringer for the Associated Press. She became proficient in the photography business, working as a photography agent at Sipa Press and later as the Director of North America for VII Photo Agency. Nadia moved to Rome in 2007 where she has been based since, save for a brief period in Geneva while becoming a staff photographer at the ICRC. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she is an IWMF Fellow and a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grant recipient for her work on gold mining in Romania. Her work has been exhibited in Russia, Brussels, Mexico, Italy, and Peru.

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Nadia Shira Cohen es una fotoperiodista freelance y corresponsal de The New York Times. Ella trabaja con frecuencia en América Latina, así como en Haití, Kazajstán, Congo, Ruanda y Kosovo, centrándose en los derechos humanos, los derechos reproductivos, los problemas ambientales, los desastres, la revolución, la migración entre otros temas. Ella empezó su carrera en Nueva York, trabajando como fotógrafa independiente para el Associated Press. Ella también ha trabajado con Sipa Press y fue la directora para América del Norte para VII Photo. En el 2007 ella se mudó para Roma, donde se comprometió a la fotografía otra vez como fotógrafa y editora para Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja. En el 2011 ella recibió una beca del Pulitzer Center on Conflict Reportng para viajar y reportar sobre la minería de oro en Rumanía. Ella ha estado basada en Roma, Italia desde 2007 donde ha estado trabajando diligentemente para contar historias de las vidas de la gente que la interesa y que compasivamente siente la necesidad de exponer.

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| Nadia Shira Cohen

An unlikely feud between beekeepers and Mennonites simmers in Mexico

Survival is at stake as Mennonite colonies’ illegal soy farms threaten the livelihood of Maya beekeepers. BY NINA STROCHLIC PHOTOGRAPHS BY NADIA SHIRA COHEN CAMPECHE, MEXICO “How did it start?” asks Everardo Chablé. He’s propped on a…

| Nadia Shira Cohen

Expecting In El Salvador

Expecting The pregnant teen, the villager giving birth far from home, the woman imprisoned for miscarrying: pregnancy in El Salvador, where women can’t choose where, or whether, to give birth Midwives who work in the…

| Nadia Shira Cohen

It’s Said that When a Beekeeper Dies, his Bees Leave

For centuries, the Mayan beekeepers of the Yucatan Peninsula have been one of the largest producers of honey in the world. But in 2011, the Mexican government started encouraging farmers to grow soy beans, offering…

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The perils of pregnancy in a country where abortion is a crime – in pictures

In El Salvador, one of six countries where abortion is banned under any circumstances, women have been told to avoid pregnancy due to the Zika virus. With support from the International Women’s Media Foundation, photographer…

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Yo no di a luz

The argument over when the human life begins is one of the most contentious in our world today. There are 66 countries that prohibit abortion under nearly all circumstances-though almost all of them exclude cases…

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Zika – die Angst der werdenden Mütter

El Salvador zählt zu den von Zika stark betroffenen Ländern. Nadia Shira Cohen besuchte Frauen, die mit dieser Angst umgehen oder sich auf ein Leben mit einem schwerbehinderten Kind einstellen mussten. Mitte November erklärte die…

| Nadia Shira Cohen, Nina Strochlic

Zika e leggi anti-aborto, la tragedia delle donne del Salvador

FOTOREPORTAGE Il virus può causare gravi malformazioni al feto. Ma nonostante l’epidemia in corso, nel paese centroamericano qualsiasi interruzione di gravidanza viene punita. Anche con 50 anni di prigione di Nina Strochlic – fotografie di Nadia…

| Nadia Shira Cohen, Nina Strochlic

Where Women with Zika Fear Prison

In April, nurse Julia Pineda was making her rounds at the hospital in Suchitoto, a lakeside town in El Salvador, when she developed a rash. As her symptoms multiplied-high fever, red eyes-the petite 32-year-old consulted…