Narantungalag Enkhtur


Narantungalag Enkhtur (Naanga) is a freelance journalist who specializes in business, corporate reporting, and mining. She earned her Bachelor's in International Journalism at National University of Mongolia and a Master's degree in Media and Communication from Global Business Journalism Program at Tsinghua University of Beijing. During her postgraduate years, her enterprise reporting on poverty earned her the Global Business Journalism award by ICFJ. Naanga is a member of APJC and EJC. As a media person with a decade of experience, Naanga is a skilled multimedia storyteller. She became interested in media at the age of 14, and has worked as a radio host and held several positions in the field of journalism in radio, print, television and online outlets, including Bloomberg and China Daily. She had run SABRI Magazine, focused on Belt and Road Initiative in China and South East Asia. She also served as an editorial assistant of FOF Weekly Magazine, the first vertical media on venture capital, where she gained knowledge on the Chinese market. Recently, she switched her journalism career into corporate communication and joined a mining company, Rio Tinto, as Principal Advisor Media and Communication in Mongolia.

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