Natalie Keyssar

FREELANCE DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER @nataliekeyssar @nataliekeyssar

Natalie Keyssar is a documentary photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. After receiving a BFA in Painting and Illustration from the Pratt Institute in 2009, she pursued photojournalism, which fused her love for visual storytelling with her deep interest in social justice, youth culture, and activist movements. Much of her personal work has focused on the themes of class inequality, and the personal effects of political turmoil. She has explored topics from Caribbean youth culture and gangs in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, to daily life in Western Sahara, from White Supremacist militias on the U.S. Border with Mexico, to the recent protests against police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. She is currently working on a long term project about Venezuela after the death of President Hugo Chávez. Natalie’s work has been published by Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, California Sunday Magazine, Le Monde M, and MSNBC among many others, and awarded by organizations like American Photography, Reportage by Getty Images, The NPPA, The International Color Awards, and The Association for Healthcare Journalists. Natalie is a IWMF Democratic Republic of Congo and Mexico-U.S. border Fellow.

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Natalie Keyssar es una fotógrafa documental basada en Brooklyn, Nueva York. Ella es egresada del Pratt Institute donde recibió su licenciatura en bellas artes en pintura y ilustración en el 2009. Natalie decidió en convertirse en fotoperiodista para combinar su pasión en contar historias visualmente y su interés en justicia social, la juventud y movimientos activistas. Su trabajo se ha enfocado en temas de clase, desigualdad y los efectos personales ante crisis políticas. Ella ha investigado a la juventud Caribeña, pandillas en East Flatbush en Brooklyn, la vida cotidiana en Western Sahara, los militantes supremacistas en la frontera entre México y los Estados Unidos, y las protestas contra la violencia policiaca en Ferguson, Missouri. Actualmente, ella está trabajando en un proyecto sobre la Venezuela después de la muerte de Presidente Hugo Chávez. Su trabajo ha sido publicado por Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, California Sunday Magazine, Le Monde M y MSNBC, entre otros. También fue otorgada premios por organizaciones como American Photography, Reportage by Getty Images, The NPPA, The International Color Awards y The Association for Healthcare Journalists. Natalie es una becaria Connect de la IWMF y previamente participó en la beca periodística en los Grandes Lagos de la IWMF, reportando desde la República Democrática del Congo.

Reporting Locations


| Nina Strochlic, Natalie Keyssar

The cold cases of Guatemala’s civil war were impossible to identify—until now

FOR 14 YEARS, a human skeleton known as 317-38-10 sat in a cardboard box stored in a metal shipping container on the rooftop of a building in Guatemala’s capital, Guatemala City. The number was a code,…

| Nina Strochlic, Natalie Keyssar

How this quiet region in Guatemala became the epicenter of migration

A child’s death at the U.S. border put a spotlight on the peaceful highlands, where more people than ever are fleeing for the United States. In Yalambojoch, Catarina Gomez Lucas makes her family’s tortillas every…

| Natalie Keyssar

AGONIES OF EXILE: Deported Mothers, Separated From Their Children, Wait in Limbo at the Mexican Border

When deported mother Yolanda Varona received a call from photojournalist Natalie Keyssar on Friday morning, her voice was quivering. Varona, a Mexican mother of two and leader of spoke clearly – and forcefully – about…

| Whitney Eulich, Natalie Keyssar

When families are divided by the US-Mexico border, deportation

Emma Sanchez Paulsen perches on the windowsill in her cramped bedroom and looks out at the vast US-Mexican border wall that undulates with the hills in the distance. A mother of three US citizens and…

| Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Natalie Keyssar

Inside Mexico’s ‘ghost’ unions

TIJUANA, MEXICO-Margarita Avalos wasn’t even aware she had a union – until she and her fellow factory workers asked for the pay they were owed. Suddenly, she says, a union appeared. And they proposed a…

| Natalie Keyssar

Amid Conflict, Life and Art in Goma

Last July, Natalie Keyssar traveled to Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo set on telling a story about the region that was different from the many narratives about its refugee population or the scars…