Nhung Nguyen

Broadcast and Print Journalist

Nhung Nguyen is writer and video producer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s southern metropolis. She has 5 years of journalism experience on different platforms in Vietnam, from broadcast, printed media, and currently digital newspaper. Nhung is particularly intrigued in issues of gender inequality, climate change, health and culture in Vietnam. Her upcoming project supported by IWMF funding tells the story of single women and widows of ill-fated fishermen on the island of Ly Son in Central Vietnam, who have fought to keep their family afloat after the loss of not only their loved men but also the bread-winners in the house. Defying the social stigma playing out against their “weaker gender”, many of them resort to laboring works such as becoming porters or farmers, while some others take advantage of the new tourism boom in the island to run related businesses. A few, more daringly, take over the fishing venture despite the local deep-rooted tradition forbidding every female to sail, or even to be present on the board as they have been considered “dirty” and only bringing bad lucks to the ship.

Reporting Locations