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Nina Strochlic is a staff writer covering all things exploration for National Geographic magazine in Washington, D.C. She previously worked for The Daily Beast focusing on international issues and breaking news. She has visited the DR Congo three times with the IWMF, working on stories ranging from the Congolese army of Jack Bauers to a lost Belgian resort island on the Congo River. She's also reported from Rwanda, Jordan, and the Balkans. Her work has been published in Vice, National Geographic Traveler, Marie Claire and elsewhere. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon.

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| Sara Lewkowicz, Nina Strochlic

This Cheer Squad is Caught Between Two Worlds—Divided by a Border

For Texas high school students who live in Mexico, the border wall debate is more about daily logistics than politics. Photos by Sara Naomi Lewkowicz Words by Nina Strochlic ASHLEY ESQUIVEL’S ALARM goes off at 5:45…

| Nina Strochlic, Natalie Keyssar

The cold cases of Guatemala’s civil war were impossible to identify—until now

FOR 14 YEARS, a human skeleton known as 317-38-10 sat in a cardboard box stored in a metal shipping container on the rooftop of a building in Guatemala’s capital, Guatemala City. The number was a code,…

| Nina Strochlic, Natalie Keyssar

How this quiet region in Guatemala became the epicenter of migration

A child’s death at the U.S. border put a spotlight on the peaceful highlands, where more people than ever are fleeing for the United States. In Yalambojoch, Catarina Gomez Lucas makes her family’s tortillas every…

| Alexia Webster, Nina Strochlic

In Tijuana, a street studio attracts migrants and locals

Migrants on the caravan, commuters, and visitors form a backdrop to the world’s busiest land border crossing. Fabric and a few props are enough for photographer Alexia Webster to make portrait studios on sidewalks and…

| Nina Strochlic

Mourning refugees risk a war zone to bury their dead at home

In Uganda, refugees must choose to bury their loved ones in a temporary camp or make the dangerous journey back to a war-torn homeland. Lily Ipayi was 42 or 43 years old when she died…

| Nina Strochlic

The Foster Angels Caring For Congo’s Child Soldiers

Meet the amazing foster families taking in Congo’s former child soldiers to help them heal. Nina Strochlic/The Daily Beast Cylvie and Neema sit side by side in a living room stuffed with furniture in Goma,…

| Nina Strochlic

Meet the Vets Risking Their Lives to Treat Wild Gorillas

A version of this story appears in the December 2017 issue ofNational Geographic magazine. GOMA, Democratic Republic of the Congo-Trackers swing their machetes at the thick jungle, and veterinarians Eddy Kambale and Martin Kabuyaya follow…

| Nina Strochlic

How to Hike One of the World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Few things rattle residents of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. For decades they’ve lived with wars and rebellions spilling out from their jungles-all while keeping a wary eye on the mountain with a halo…

| Nina Strochlic

Massacre Survivors Cling to Life in Giant Swamp

In a swamp where people fleeing war survive on water lilies, the world’s newest country envisions a World Heritage site. BY NINA STROCHLIC PHOTOGRAPHS BY DOMINIC NAHR As night fell, the couple followed what countless generations before…

| Nina Strochlic

Why Pygmies Are Dealing Weed to Survive

NORTH KIVU, Congo – Nana sleeps on a pillow of marijuana. It’s a trick his grandfather taught him to make the buds more potent, he explains while tending his sparse plot at the edge of…

| Nina Strochlic

On the Front Lines of El Salvador’s Underground Abortion Economy

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The doctor doesn’t want his real name used, and when asked what he’d like to be called instead he laughs. “Dr. Hell,” he says. With a straw fedora, white Ralph…

| Nina Strochlic

Can Archivists Save the World’s Newest Nation?

JUBA, South Sudan – In a classroom off the main dirt road of a sprawling UN camp, a man in a leopard-print tunic is standing by a whiteboard, explaining to a dozen students how 64…

| Nadia Shira Cohen, Nina Strochlic

Zika e leggi anti-aborto, la tragedia delle donne del Salvador

FOTOREPORTAGE Il virus può causare gravi malformazioni al feto. Ma nonostante l’epidemia in corso, nel paese centroamericano qualsiasi interruzione di gravidanza viene punita. Anche con 50 anni di prigione di Nina Strochlic – fotografie di Nadia…

| Nina Strochlic

Letter From El Salvador: ‘I Was Jailed for a Miscarriage’

At El Salvador’s Ilopango prison, at least 21 women are serving time for ‘abortions’ they say they never had. Here, one woman tells her heartbreaking story. Inside the women’s prison in El Salvador, set on…

| Nadia Shira Cohen, Nina Strochlic

Where Women with Zika Fear Prison

In April, nurse Julia Pineda was making her rounds at the hospital in Suchitoto, a lakeside town in El Salvador, when she developed a rash. As her symptoms multiplied-high fever, red eyes-the petite 32-year-old consulted…

| Nina Strochlic

Back to School in the World’s Murder Capital

ALAMY STOCK PHOTO In El Salvador, students are afraid to study and teachers say doing their job is more dangerous now than it was during the bloody 10-year civil war. Sophia* has a cascade of…