Nyanjime Pekhoa

Nyanjime Pekhoa is a journalist working for Kondial community Radio station in South Sudan’s Unity state. She has been working as Community Correspondent but has recently been promoted as News and Programs Editor. Nyajime was working as Outreach Paramedic with Medical Saint Frontiers in 2014 before she became journalist. Nyajime has been broadcasting radio programs for internally displaced persons taking refuge at Bentiu UNMISS protection of civilian site (POC). She brings together the agencies and community through feedback collections to help the NGOs know the community needs and thematic areas of intervention. She is working hard to promote peace among youths to mitigate discrimination and tribalism, while also encouraging reconciliation among the local communities in South Sudan through her reporting. She has been awarded with Certificate of Communicating with Community by IOM CAMP Coordination and CAMP Management for her hard work. Nyajime had covered many stories on children’s rights for example , the three boys who got arrested by traders for clothes disappearance after being used as hawker without parents’ notification. The issue has led community leaders to rule out goods loss compensation in the protection of civilian site (PoCs) after traders subjected children to child labour force. Nyajime has gained journalism skills after a yearlong training with the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), specifically as part of its African Great Lakes In-Country Fellowship. This training has helped her produce her top programs, which have resonated well with her audience during her radio program presentations. Nyajime is now looking forward to pursue her study in the field of journalism.

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