Olga Loginova


Olga Loginova is a Belarusian-American freelance journalist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker, trained in science reporting and filmmaking. She holds a Master’s in science, health and environmental reporting from Columbia University, as well as a Master’s in broadcast and cinematic arts from Central Michigan University. Olga Loginova worked as a staff journalist at Voice of America, a long-time visual journalist, and recipient of the journalistic excellence award at RFE/RL; a reporter for the Belarusian television and radio company. Her recent documentaries include “COVID-19 Diaries” acquired and published by VICE News in the Fall of 2020, and “Bratva MC, Brooklyn, NY” published by Eurasianet in January, 2020. Olga Loginova has covered the COVID-19 and political crises in Belarus for VICE News and Brazil’s Globo. Currently, besides working on the long-form piece about the human rights abuses in Belarus, she is finishing a feature documentary about the deforestation of medicine trees in Brazil.

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