Oluwabusayo Sotunde

Freelance Journalist @busayomisotunde

Oluwabusayo Sotunde is an independent Nigerian journalist and Managing Editor at RuralReporters.com. A graduate of Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Oluwabusayo reports on business, agriculture, entrepreneurship, reproductive health, migration and other development issues in Africa. Her writings have appeared in different publications including News Deeply, Ventures Africa, Development Diaries, How We Made It In Africa, RuralReporters.com and Leading Change – a Programme by Cambridge University for the Queen's Young Leaders where she serves as the Assistant Editor and Youth Writer. Oluwabusayo has also worked as a research consultant for a number of organisations including Euromonitor International.

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| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

Forced to Be a House Girl: The Fight to Free Tanzania’s Child Slaves

About 1 million children in Tanzania, most of them girls, are illegally being made to work as domestic servants. At one local NGO, former child workers rescue children working in households where they face abuse and neglect.…

| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

The Paradox of Youth Employment in Tanzania

After his Form 4 examination, Jackson Sospeter was given two choices by his parents -to either go into business or further his studies. Although he had good scores that could enable him further his education,…

| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

Uneven Development Progress Leaves Rural Women Behind

MWANZA, TANZANIA – For years, the patriarchal nature of Tanzania has marginalised and disempowered women. In Mwanza, the second biggest city in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam, the rural nature of island communities in the…

| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

In Tanzania, unemployed youths turn to agriculture

Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing issues in Tanzania. The number of young people who enter the labour force exceeds the available jobs. According to official data from the National Bureau of Statistics…

| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

Why development initiatives cannot curb rural-urban migration in Tanzania

MWANZA – When Kepher Nyamzi got a government appointment to work as a Laboratory Technician at Bwisya Health Centre, the only hospital in Ukara, he was distressed. “At first, I wasn’t happy with my posting…

| Oluwabusayo Sotunde

Meet some women in rural Tanzania who are bold for change

With support from International Women’s Media Foundation, @rural_reporters was recently part of the African Great Lakes Fellowship. In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we would be sharing stories about women in rural Tanzania…