Patricia Huon

Patricia Huon is a Belgian freelance journalist based in Johannesburg. Since she arrived in South Africa in 2009, she has been covering various stories around Sub-Saharan Africa. Nelson Mandela’s death, the political crisis in Burundi, elections in DRC and CAR, the economy breakdown in Zimbabwe, the Ebola outbreak, South Soudan Independence and civil war, Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria… Her work has been published in Libération, La Libre Belgique, La Presse, L’Obs, among other outlets. She is also a regular contributor to TV5, Radio Canada, Deutsche Welle, RTBF and Radio Télévision Suisse. Over the past 7 years, Patricia covered a wide range of issues, from politics to culture, and developed a particular interest for conflict and post-conflict situations. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the Institut de Journalisme Bordeaux-Aquitaine, France.