Peter Kuol Kuch

Peter Kuol Kuch is a South Sudanese broadcast journalist. He is a reporter and news anchor at Mingkaman FM, a local radio station which was established to serve the population which was displaced from Jonglei state during the 2013 South Sudan conflict. Peter loves reporting on gender-related stories, crime, business, and health across areas of South Sudan. In his broadcasting since 2015, Peter has been doing tremendous local and national stories which matter most to the people of south sudan, for example, he covered the Rift Valley fever outbreak in the Eastern lakes region of South Sudan in 2017 which had led to the death of dozens, where he interviewed World Health Organization (WHO) officials and authorities at the Ministry of Health on what prevention and intervention can be made to eradicate the disease. Peter has also covered a story on the lack of sanitary kits affecting schoolgirls in the region and what can parents or guardians do to support girls at schools to reduce their challenges. Kuol's stories are being broadcasted on Mingkaman FM and sometimes can be shared by Eye radio, a South Sudanese national radio station based in Juba. In the year 2017, Peter was selected to participate as an IWMF Fellow for the African Great Lakes In-Country Programming in South Sudan. He is currently pursuing a diploma in journalism at Alison University in the United Kingdom.

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