Richard Jale

Jale Richard is an enthusiastic South Sudanese Human Rights and Data journalist based in Juba. He has covered the South Sudan conflict and subsequent peace talks that ended the five year conflict. He has worked as a general assignment senior reporter at the Juba Monitor covering education, refugee, health, politics, court, sports, and the South Sudanese Parliament. He currently serves as a News Editor at the Juba Monitor Newspaper, the biggest English daily newspaper in South Sudan. He has also worked as a freelance reporter for Gurtong Peace and Media Project, an online news service based in South Sudan. In 2017, Jale was awarded by Journalist for Human Rights (JHR) on gender reporting, and awarded for being a mentor for reporters. Jale has completed sensitive environment training by the Thompson Reuters and Oakleaf Worldwide, Hydro Diplomacy on Water Resource by the Nile Basin Initiative, and attended a seminar in China for Renowned Commentators and Media Columnist for African Journalists. Jale holds a degree in journalism and Mass Communication from Ndejje University, Uganda. He is an IWMF fellow with the African Great Lakes In-Country Program in South Sudan.

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