Rosario Mosso Castro

Editor In Chief, ZETA, Mexico.

As a reporter in Tijuana, a city heavily affected by drug trafficking and war between cartels, Rosario Mosso Castro has excelled in Mexico as a professional investigative journalist specialized in drug trafficking and organized crime. As editor in chief at ZETA newspaper, Rosario Mosso Castro has led journalistic investigations against criminal organizations such as the Sinaloa cartel, the Arellano Felix cartel and the Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG). She has also focused on the relationship between drug traffickers and authorities in the state of Baja California. Mosso Castro has been threatened at least four times by criminal groups and security forces because of her journalistic work. Due to the threats against her, she has had bodyguard protection with the Mexican army on three occasions.

Mosso Castro began her career at ZETA newspaper, a weekly investigative publication and one of Mexico’s most targeted media for their reporting on crime. She was a culture and entertainment reporter, but at the beginning of the nineties started working in investigative journalism, focusing on stories about corruption, politics and social reporting. Mosso Castro is one of the first journalists to investigate Arellano Felix Cartel, one of the strongest criminal organizations in Baja California. In the last decade, with an intense war against drug cartels in Mexico, she continued leading investigative teams to find out the mutations of organized crime in the north of Mexico. As editor-in-chief, Mosso has trained several generations of young reporters and has also worked as a journalism teacher. In spite of the threats and risks in one of most dangerous countries to be a journalist, Mosso has always had a strong commitment to her work. She continues as an editor-in-chief at ZETA training journalists, investigating drug trafficking, reporting on political corruption and writing the newspaper's editorial section.

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