Rukaia Al-abadi

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Rukaia Al-abadi is an independent Syrian investigative journalist based in Paris, France. She began her journalism career in 2014, covering the war in Syria. Operating clandestinely under the control of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria, she documented human rights violations. The reports focused on the violations faced by women during the war, and she worked with the Anadolu Agency, the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, and civil society organizations dedicated to empowering women politically and advocating for their rights. She was also awarded the Samir Kassir Prize for Freedom of the Press in 2022 and shortlisted in the investigative reports category for the 2021 Fetisov Journalism Awards for her cross-border investigations. She holds a master's degree in investigative journalism and documentaries from the Paris School of Journalism 2023. Currently, she is working as an investigative mentor in the "Empowering a New Generation of Female Journalists" project with the Syrian Female Journalists Network, a specialized network in women's media and human rights advocacy for women working in the field of media. In addition, she conducts investigative inquiries and reports on climate change and its impact on vulnerable and marginalized communities. Her work is featured in Raseef 22 and the Media Deraj website.

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