Sabah Gurmat


Sabah Gurmat is an independent journalist based in India. After pursuing a degree in law, she took to journalism instead of practicing as a lawyer. As a reporter, Sabah has primarily covered issues of law, human rights, culture and technology. Her work has featured in The Guardian, Rest of World, The Coda Story, The Daily Dot, New Lines Magazine, Article-14 and other Indian and international publications. She is interested and curious about issues surrounding peoples movements, power and privilege. Her project will involve looking into the socio-economic conditions of Indian Muslims, in the backdrop of rising Hindu nationalist politics in the country. The Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists grant will provide an opportunity to report from the ground on the plight of specific Indian industries and businesses that have seen a greater presence of Muslims and marginalized castes. Her reportage will look at the prospects of livelihood-security and upward mobility, and how they have been affected by economic and political factors.

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