Sahar Khadjenouri

@SaharSpice @SaharSpice

I grew up on the Northern Navajo Nation, in Aneth Utah. My mother’s home on the reservation did not have running water until I was 15 years old. From a very young age I loved the idea sharing such stories, and dreamed about having representation for indigenous peoples and issues in mainstream media. As a young teenager, produced my first documentary film about the struggles with water pollution on the Navajo Reservation, a documentary that was broadcast on Public Television upon its completion. My work in advocacy through video journalism continued after a graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film and Media Studies from the University of Utah. That work eventually took me to FNX Television where I produced, directed and created several programs to highlight the Native American and Indigenous Communities’ work in the arts, music, and in advocacy. I continue my freelance work to this day based on the Navajo Reservation in Aneth Utah, where I returned during the start of the Covid19 pandemic to help deliver food and firewood to elders. I continue my video journalism work from the reservation, where I create stories for social media and for national broadcast.

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